Steps To Become A Referral Class Provider

Become A Referral Class Provider In 3 Easy Steps!

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To sign up as a provider you first need to set up your individual membership account.
Sign Up As A Referral Class Member

Take The Referral Class Provider Pledge:

"We are committed to provide our services and products to you such that you feel they are worthy of your referrals—or in other words, Referral Class®. As our client, you are the sole judge as to whether we have met this standard for you. If we have, please refer us to your colleagues, family, and friends."

This pledge above will be displayed on your profile page for visitors to see.

Fill Out The Provider Signup Form

Submit the Provider Signup Form to let us know you want to be a provider.

Don't Just  Survive, Thrive!

Don't Just Survive, Thrive!

LOOKING TO INCREASE BUSINESS? WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR CLOSING RATE? NEED MORE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR OFFERINGS? You have heard of world class. Now check out Referral Class®. We offer a growing brand with which to let your clients know of your commitment to provide referral-worthy services and products. It is called Referral Class®. A client knowing up front you are committed to providing services and products that they would consider referral-worthy can increase their confidence in doing business with you. This means more sales and a bigger customer base for your company. Want to improve your offerings to make them more referral-worthy? Read here.

Referral Class® Network Benefits

  • A dedicated page on our registry with your company commitment to the Referral Class® standard, your offerings, business profile, and the Referral Class® seal (see sample here)
  • Link from your website to your company profile page in our registry for marketing and customer due diligence
  • Increase commitment along your supply and service streams to meet the Referral Class® standard (this is a powerful tool to align disparate teams and siloed efforts)
  • Link from the Referral Class® Network back to your website
  • Give prospective clients more confidence in doing business with you
  • Foster top-of-mind awareness in clients to refer you
  • Additional exposure opportunity to other Referral Class® Network members and site visitors
  • Develop a customer journey mentality and continuous improvement. See more.

Referral Class® Network Benefits